(ALL SOLD 03/11/2023) FOR SALE – 2 x Gilbarco MK4 Electrolines – Diesel/Diesel HiFlo & LoFlo

Today we have received a request from a NSW Customer to publish 2 x Gilbarco MK4  Electrolines For Sale

Our Customer would like to make the following available for sale to the Industry.  Please contact Kentronics if interested and we’ll be very pleased to place you in direct contact with the seller.  

Please understand – Kentronics is not playing a greater role in this activity other than the initial introduction between both the seller and the potential buyer.

Please find attached 4 x photographs and following descriptions of the equipment currently available for purchase:

For Sale #1
Make: Gilbarco
Series: MK4 Electroline 2 Hose
Model No. : T900A2NP
Serial No. : 822488A-B
Product: HiFlow/LoFlow Diesel/Petrol
MY: 2013

For Sale #2
Make: Gilbarco
Series: MK3 Electroline 1 Hose
Model No. : T092B
Serial No. : 903395
Product: HiFlow Diesel
MY: 1991

Branding – Clean Skin

Comments – All Workshop Tested

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