Precision Ag

In 2010 we extended our service to include the Precision GPS Industry.

This is an exciting time for Kentronics in the Precision Ag sector & we are confident that we have much to offer this growth Industry. With new and emerging technologies, the Precision GPS Industry has a bright future. Focusing our attention on the Precision Agriculture & Farming sector, we are forming relationships with the manufacturers who are supporting us with formal training, product information & spare parts.

We are also forming relationships with the Australian & New Zealand Partners & Distributors of this technology, and we are committed to offering these companies and their valued customers a quality service right here in Australia. This dramatically reduces the turnaround time for module repairs and in the farming sector this is a huge advantage.

You can feel confident when making contact with Kentronics for information on your repairs, you will be given an accurate update on progress and lead times. This solid commitment from all the team at Kentronics is a key factor to the success of the goods & services we provide. 

Our experience and knowledge reduce trouble shooting time and ensure that all problems with your equipment are addressed accurately.

Kentronics has established quality objectives which are monitored, reported on and continually improved.

Kentronics employees continually update their skills and learn new tools and techniques to keep pace with developments in the industry. We also maintain very close relationships with manufacturers allowing us to offer customer satisfaction even in unusual service situations.

The entire team at Kentronics are focussed on providing positive outcomes for all of our customers. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built based on an exceptional level of service, however we continue to seek new ways to improve and deliver even better results.

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