FOR SALE – FE Petro Stock Clearance 

Today we have received a request from a Victorian Customer to publish a Stock Clearance Sale listing many FE Petro product lines.

Our Customer would like to make the following list available for sale to the Industry in a “Bulk Lot”.  Please contact Kentronics if interested and we’ll be very pleased to place you in direct contact with the seller.  

Please understand – Kentronics is not playing a greater role in this activity other than the initial introduction between both the seller and the potential buyer.

Please find following descriptions and quantities of the equipment currently available for purchase:

Item CodeItem NameQuantity 
877-37-403383953Adblue DEF-PMA150B1
877-37-IST(ANZ)M2-19BN2 HP VS VL MagShell STP2
877-37-IST(ANZ)MVS4-VL2-19BN4 HP VS VL MagShell STP7
877-37-PMA150B1.5 HP single phase PMA1
877-37-PMA5C5hp, 380V, pump motor only1
877-37-PMAMVS22 HP MagShell PMA2
877-37-PMAMVS44 HP MagShell PMA1
877-37-STP-CBBSSTP-CBBS DEF PMA Controller4
877-37-400137937Syphon Check Valve Only1
877-37-400147930Clamp Valve Assembly5
877-37-4001709331.5 HP Starting Capacitor 15uf9
877-37-4001709352.0 HP Starting Capacitor 40uf11
877-37-400192930Junction Box Cover Only10
877-37-400197930Manifold Cover  Assembly4
877-37-400200930Wire Connector Kit5
877-37-400211046O-Ring for FE Petro4
877-37-400236903Contractors Plug5
877-37-400236909Seal Assm, HC10
877-37-400257001Retaining Ring Yoke10
877-37-400259005Square Head Plug10
877-37-400333238Manifold Cover O-Ring2
877-37-4005180014″ MLD Tee Housing4
877-37-400562901Syphon Jet Assembly3
877-37-400562903Syphon Jet Assembly E8510
877-37-400628901MPR Plug Assembly5
877-37-400629901MPR Screw Assembly4
877-37-400988931Standard Check Valve5
877-37-401137901Receptacle Assembly1
877-37-401142901Plug Assembly1
877-37-401165930Syphon Assy-HC Spare Part1
877-37-401315901High Capacity GAS MLD1
877-37-401325901Replacement Cover Assembly1
877-37-STP-SCISmart Controller1
877-37-STP-SCIIICSmart Controller 3 Phase1
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