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Job Orders


The following instruction is to ensure your valuable assets are handled in a timely & accurate manner for the entire assessment & repair process.



  1. Download and complete a Job Order Request (JOR) Form each time you require repair service on a particular Module.
  2. Read & complete this form carefully, providing accurate information in all required fields.
  3. Return the completed form to Kentronics as directed. This will enable a quality and timely repair path through Kentronics.
  4. Once we are in receipt of your completed JOR Form you will be issued with a Job Order Number via email.
  5. Only once you are in receipt of this Job Order Number are you to ship your faulty Module to Kentronics for repair. 
  6. Please ensure that a copy of the Job Order is enclosed with your shipment.


Download your JOR Form


A5 Feature code Request


For the generation of a feature code for additional features or replacement of a lost or illegible feature code, we require additional information to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Please reference the following document for:

  • Procedure for requesting a feature code
  • The additional information that we require to be accompanied by a completed JOR form
  • Incurred cost for the recreation of existing or illegible feature codes
  • Additional incurred cost per code for additional features


Download the Technical Service Bulletin #1118-AU Rev A

A5 - Feature Code Pricing