A message from Kentronics – Storm Season – Are you well prepared?

On the 12th October 2021 the Bureau of Meteorology's outlook was raised to La Niña ALERT.

This is due to continued cooling in the tropical Pacific Ocean and an increase in the number of climate models showing sustained La Niña conditions over summer.  Historically, when La Niña ALERT criteria have been met, La Niña has subsequently developed around 70% of the time. A 70% chance of an event is approximately triple the normal likelihood. La Niña events increase the chances of above-average rainfall for northern and eastern Australia during spring and summer.

The last La Niña event occurred from 2010-2012 and resulted in widespread flooding in many parts of Australia associated with the record rainfalls. As we now look to the skies ahead of storm season, our customers around Australia are encouraged to prepare their stock levels of critical electronics modules to mitigate the potential impacts of severe weather events throughout the coming season.

The team at Kentronics would suggest the most “at risk” equipment during severe weather events are the electronic and electrical modules associated with “Communications” & “Power”. Please take time to consider the variety of equipment in the field under your care. Consider taking steps with regard to sufficient stock levels of critical modules, especially modules relating to Comms & Power. Kentronics is already well aware there will be a heightened need for support in these areas & taking steps in preparation. May we respectfully encourage you to do the same for your own customer base Australia wide.

Stay safe, stay well, and stay prepared.

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