Gilbarco Enterprise Keypad Membranes – Who needs these?

Speak now or forever hold your peace……

We are receiving an ever increasing volume of enquiry regarding the future  supply of the two Enterprise Keypad Membranes pictured.  We certainly have the appropriate connections to manufacture each of these items if there is a true need within the Industry.  We will not manufacture these items without a real commitment from the field to purchase.  This is a costly project to undertake with MOQ’s playing a role in feasibility and outcome.

Kentronics would require a commitment from the Industry to purchase at least 100 of each variety (in total) to make this project a reality.  The estimated cost would be approximately $180.00 ea + GST (to be confirmed at a later date).

If you have a genuine interested in any quantity of either of these Membranes please make contact with Kentronics in writing with your commitment and pre-order quantity.  Once we gauge the need from this initial feasibility study we’ll action or dismiss this proposal accordingly.

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